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Take one crazy tech head then add a self-confessed vinyl junkie and what do you get?

Yep you guessed it HOOLA LOOP

Witnessing the birth of electronic music this duo has grown up listening/DJ-ing/ re-mixing & creating dance music for themselves & others, they don’t like being put into a genre & feel that the heading Dance Music Creators is the only one they need because that’s what they do.

Ok you might say they make House/Garage or Jungle Etc, but they like to leave that up to the listener to decide they just make whatever feels natural in the studio on the day by using knowledge & influences gained from both the past & the present.

HOOLA LOOP is all about choices for the many & not just the few offering dance music fans a variety of flavors without having to search too hard. Added to this is a value for money concept by offering the music buyer a choice of styles to choose from whether they are purchasing a single track/Ep or album.

If you are a dance music fan you shouldn’t have to look to hard to find something you like, so happy listening & we hope you enjoy what’s on offer from HOOLA LOOP.


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Peter Hadley -

Mix Engineer & Producer

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Nigel Neale -

DJ Producer